• Your Season to Advance

    Your Season to Advance - 講員是Jack Lee & Annie Wang牧師,歡迎青少年邀請朋友報名參加。

  • 基督徒的交友與婚姻

    基督徒的交友與婚姻 - 新加坡 Sowers Wheat 婚姻輔導中心的 Adrian Chua 蔡愿福牧師 & Mae Wee黃美玲師母。

  • 歡迎您和我們一同敬拜神!

    讓我們以同心合意的敬拜與禱告,相信 神藉著耶穌基督所賜給教會的權柄及聖靈的恩膏,必能攻破這地區一切的堅固營壘,奪得仇敵的城門,再次看見人心回轉歸向 神,認識耶和華榮耀的知識必要充滿全地,好像水充滿洋海一般!我們必要看見 神榮耀的作為轉化這個世代,復興這片土地!
    波士頓生命河靈糧堂願意成為您屬靈的家,讓我們一起同心來建造神榮耀的教會。願 神祝福您!

  • Welcome!

    We sincerely welcome you, in Christ, to the River of Life Christian Church in Boston! When we look around, we see darkness covering the earth and nations. We need the light of God in our midst, His power to rise, and His glorious presence to manifest! The church of God must shine for Him in every city and be His glorious witness to this generation!
    Let us come with hunger and expectation, and one heart to worship, pray and cry out to the Lord. We believe that, by the authority God has given the church, through Jesus Christ and through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we will break regional strongholds and overcome the gates of the enemy. May the knowledge of the glory of the Lord fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. We must see God’s glory transform this generation and revive this land!
    The River of Life Christian Church in Boston is willing to be your spiritual home, let us work together to build the glorious church of God. May God bless you!.




2019.3.10 敬拜讚美

陳瑞雄 弟兄


  • 2019 短宣 - 吉爾吉斯英語營 剪影

    1/2~1/9 東干村青少年冬令英語營及當地同工陪訓營

  • 2019 Short-Term Mission - Kyrgyzstan

    1/2~1/9 Serving a Youth English Camp.

  • 2018 以色列「勇於夢想」走禱團

    9/21-10/2 周愛玲牧師, 許力弘牧師, 吳泰成弟兄, 徐秀琴姊妹

  • 2018 Israel "Dare to Dream" Prayer & Walk

    9/21-10/2 Rev. Jeff, Rev. Jocelyn, Scott Wu and Linda Shyu.

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  • About ROLCCIB

    Founded in early 2006, ROLCCIB is the first River of Life church to be established in New England. Pastors Jocelyn and Jeff Shu actively train co-workers, establish cell groups, hold marriage and family classes, lead the youth and children's church, and organize various special conferences throughout the year. Every year the church sends out short-term missions teams to Taiwan. The church has also done mission work in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.

    In 2010, the Lord blessed ROLCCIB with a 10.1 acre property with a 55,000 square foot commercial office building for less than two-thirds the market price. From September 2014 to October 2015, the church underwent renovations for the creation of a new sanctuary that can accommodate up to 700 people. All praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, for His faithful guidance in the years to come, and for all the miraculous and wonderful experiences.